CRTi® Internal Grip
Casing Running Tool

Bottom Line Performance.

Getting safely to the bottom is the bottom line. If you can avoid stuck pipe, you can avoid extra costs and risks. Volant’s Casing Running Tool allows you to reciprocate, rotate and circulate casing and liner strings, reducing non productive time and associated costs. It’s proven where the figures add up – in the real world of field operations.

Always striving to Do more with less Volant introduces our ActiveSET™ technology. With all the benefits of our CRTi® casing running tools the technology simplifies the steps required for the tools activation to increase overall speed and efficiency. The ActiveSET technology provides mechanical release of the latching mechanism through set-down load only to allow the operator to pick up the casing joint and immediately go into casing make-up. The torque applied during connection make-up utilizes the existing patented quad-cam technology to provide full load security prior to hoisting the string.

The available space inside the casing defines capacity, and for smaller sizes this can be limiting. When you need to run deep, heavy, small diameter casing strings, think CRTe®.



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Casing Running Tool
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