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At Volant, we believe in doing the right things for the right reasons and continuously strive to improve the health, safety and environmental contributions that our products and services make to the well construction process. Founded in 2001, Volant specializes in casing system installation, focused on transforming the way oil, gas and geothermal wells are constructed by improving safety, efficiency and well integrity. We offer a holistic approach to well construction to reduce the risks, equipment, and personnel requirements associated with traditional casing and liner running activities without sacrificing quality or time.

Deeply rooted in technology, our capabilities derive from designing and manufacturing equipment and developing digital solutions that makes our customers work safer, easier and more productive by removing people from harm’s way, advancing industry practices, and reducing environmental impacts during the well construction process and for the life of the well. By leveraging our experience, which draws on hands-on commercial field activity and customer support in over 50 countries and on 6 continents, we are able to apply our learnings effectively to streamline your success and expand what is possible.


Conquer upstream oil and gas challenges with dynamic, efficient and effective products and services.


Surpass the limits of tomorrow with comprehensive methods and solutions for the life of your well.


Uphold the highest-level of standards and competency through a dedicated team, core principles and extensive expertise.