Volant Acquires Additional Engineering Expertise and Capacity

Volant is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, it is gaining the expertise and capacity of Noetic Engineering 2008 Inc. Noetic will now operate as a subsidiary of Volant Products Inc.

Noetic is an engineering company headquartered in Edmonton with an exceptional track record in developing novel and necessary solutions to some of industry’s most challenging downhole operating issues. Volant will benefit from Noetic’s expertise in engineering mechanics and targeted experimental design on the front end of product development, and its expertise in applied engineering concepts to optimize technology. You will benefit from access to custom operational solutions for your unique operating environment.

As a subsidiary of Volant, Noetic will operate under its own name and brand, and with its current contact information. It will continue to offer top-tier consulting services, as well as lend its knowledge and expertise to our team at Volant and, effectively, to you, our valued customers.