Volant’s New Mudsaver Valve Cleans Up

Now, for the first time, Volant has created a MSV™ Mudsaver Valve that is fully compatible with our Casing Running Tool’s. It’s located as close to the casing seal as possible, making it powerfully effective in minimizing mud spillage and keeping the rig floor and surroundings safe and clean.

It’s not only compatible, it’s easy to install. Because if it didn’t make things simpler for you, it wouldn’t be Volant. But that’s not all. The MSV valve adds absolutely no length to the CRTe® external grip and only minimal length to the CRTi® internal grip tool.

It opens and closes automatically with pressure and flow and features tough, wear-resistant components that are easily replaced. And the backflow function avoids safety concerns that come with trapped pressure.

Like all our products, our new MSV valve comes with industry respected full Volant support.

For more information about our revolutionary new MSV Mudsaver Valve, please drop us a line.

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