Drillmec and Volant Sign Cooperation Agreement

In May 2014 Drillmec SPA, a manufacturer of drilling rigs and drilling equipment, and Volant Oil Tools Inc., a manufacturer of casing running equipment, signed a cooperation agreement aimed to increase the use of the Volant Casing Running Tool (CRT) on Drillmec rigs; in particular the HH Series and the new AHEAD rig.

The automation and the unique features of the HH Series and AHEAD rigs will benefit further from running the Volant CRT, increasing safety and reducing the time to complete casing jobs. The mechanical operation of the Volant CRT eliminates the need for a control panel, third party operator and separate hydraulic connection, which simplifies integration into the drilling rig and enables casing jobs to be performed “hands off” with a fully unmanned rig floor.

Drillmec wishes to offer Volant CRTs to its customers, as standard or optional equipment, that will enable automated casing running using the automated pipe handling systems, which are integral to the Drillmec automated hydraulic rigs. In addition to casing running operations, the Volant CRT will help to improve the efficiency of the HH Rigs in casing drilling applications, which can be performed in advanced semi-automated mode.

Both companies believe that the CRT will become a valued addition to those Drillmec customers who wish to reduce the time for running casing and to simultaneously reach the highest safety levels on their rigs. Over 150 HH series units have been sold to date; operating world-wide and represent the first line of customers to whom the Volant CRT will be offered enabling them to enhance both the performance and safety of their rigs.

During the initial time of the joint activity, Volant will provide technical and commercial support, as well as training and expertise to Drillmec and all its customers, in order to guarantee that every CRT sold will allow the customer to perform successful and profitable casing jobs.

Thanks to the combination of the Volant CRT with the Drillmec hydraulic rig technology, Drillmec will be able to improve the performance of its drilling rigs, while Volant will benefit from the worldwide market presence of Drillmec drilling rigs.