Volant Unveils New HydroFORM™ SlimLINE™ Series of Centralizers

The Volant Group of Companies (Volant) proudly announces the launch of its new HydroFORM SlimLINE* Series of rigid centralizers – a thinner wall durable design at an affordable price.

Volant’s proprietary hydroforming technology produces a high quality, high strength product. A proprietary, engineered process is used to precision form tubular steel, resulting in a smooth unit-body shape perfectly suited to today’s complex well designs. Additionally, the new HydroFORM SlimLINE* series of centralizers offer a tighter fit, reduced thickness and optimized rib geometry to balance standoff and flow characteristics – making this centralizer ideal for cementing applications.

The new Volant SlimLINE™ Series of Centralizers currently range from 4.5” up to 5.5” liner and casing diameters, available in a variety of outside diameters. Volant also offers a full range of standard HydroFORM™ Centralizers for liner and casing sizes ranging from 4.5” to 13.375”, formed to various customer specified diameters. For additional information please visit: www.volantproducts.ca.