CRT Solutions – False Claim and Misrepresentation Warning

RE: CRT Solutions – False Claim and Misrepresentation Warning for Repair, Inspection, Maintenance and Spare Parts Supply for Volant Casing Running Tools

It has come to our attention that a company by the name of CRT Solutions with addresses in Stafford and Houston, Texas is falsely claiming to be affiliated with and acting on behalf of Volant as an OEM maintenance and repair facility for Volant Casing Running Tools.  This company claims to provide inspection and repair services and supply OEM parts for Volant Casing Running Tools, and has copied, without permission Volant’s trademarks, images, and materials.  Volant has no affiliation with this company and has not authorized it to inspect, repair, or supply OEM parts for Volant Casing Running Tools or to use Volant’s trademarks, images, or materials.  Volant is considering its legal remedies against this company to protect Volant’s and its customers’ interests.

If you are approached and solicited by this company or any other company or individual claiming to be a service representative of or offering Volant OEM parts, we encourage you to contact your Volant Sales Representative directly or our Product Support Team at to verify their claim.

Utilizing services from companies that have not received Volant training in the proper repair and maintenance procedures and who do not supply Volant manufactured parts for Volant Casing Running Tools may void any claim to Volant warranty or support and may put the performance of those tools and the safety of the people who operate them at risk.  The only way to ensure Volant has trained someone to properly service and repair Volant manufactured products is to confirm it with us.  Records are maintained of all individuals we have trained.

All parts sold by Volant are manufactured to the exacting standards of Volant’s ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.  Volant does not license any other facilities or companies to perform this function.  The only way to ensure you are receiving Volant manufactured product is to order directly from Volant or from one of our approved distributors.

If you have any questions, or if you used CRT Solutions because you were misled by its claims, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


Brad Kwasnycia
Director, Sales and Marketing