Volant Products Inc. Appoints Chief Operating Officer

Volant Products Inc. (Volant) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dean Yuill as Chief Operating Officer (COO). As a member of Volant’s Executive Team, Dean will help lead our global business and build operational excellence.

Dean Yuill joins the company with over 40 years of experience in the Energy Industry, with more than 27 of those years in various roles relating to the well construction process. His in-depth knowledge of the industry combined with proven leadership skills will directly benefit Volant, our customers globally and other key stakeholders throughout the business.

“Dean’s approach to value delivery aligns with Volant’s and the insight he brings from experience in an adjacent part of the industry is invaluable. His results orientation and customer focus will enhance the way Volant serves our industry and engages those who benefit from our solutions,” Dan Shute, President and CEO, Volant.

Dean Yuill, Chief Operating Officer

About The Volant Group of Companies (Volant):
Privately-owned and operated by a group of passionate and innovative industry leaders, Volant creates, delivers, and services technologies that enable optimal tubular system construction and integrity. We were created for one purpose – to empower our customers to do more with less. This means achieving more cost effective, productive, and safe operations in even the most severe well applications and environments. Volant’s technologies are used in more than 40 countries and have been a key enabler in a variety of record-setting well construction scenarios. Our vision is for our technologies to be a valued component on top drive rigs worldwide. We are headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and operate our Canadian consulting engineering services under the well-recognized banner of Noetic Engineering.