At Volant, we believe in doing the right things for the right reasons. We continuously strive to improve the health, safety and environmental contributions that our products and services make to the well construction process. We deliver sustainable cost-reduction strategies by removing people from harm’s way, advancing industry practices, and reducing environmental impacts during the well construction process and for the life of the well.


Ensuring the mechanical integrity of tubulars is not compromised during the well construction process is paramount.  We have a deep knowledge of well structure design and bring a holistic approach to understanding how tubulars and connections perform downhole under handling and service loading conditions. Building on this knowledge, Volant has developed a fully integrated family of casing running and cementing tools, casing accessories, and digital technologies to address well structure performance and integrity.

Our hardware solutions minimize the operational footprint for equipment and personnel, while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.  With our digital solutions, customers can plan for success then monitor performance in real-time.  We provide permanent quality records to verify integrity of tubulars and connections has been maintained throughout the installation process.  Volant’s ability to optimize the casing installation process through our digital platform can significantly reduce the total rig time required to reliably land casing to total depth.  Centered around our fully mechanical casing running tools, our Light Footprint™ solutions bring opportunities for a reduced carbon footprint while ensuring long-term well structure security.

Volant originated the Light Footprint™ concept when we first introduced our fully mechanical casing running tools in 2005.  Since then, we have helped shift the industry paradigms for well construction, delivering over 1,000 casing running tools to market with utilization in more than 50 countries on six continents.  Volant is committed to continuously evolving and enhancing the capabilities and functionality of our technologies and we take pride in ensuring that our products and services not only meet but exceed the ever-changing needs in the energy industry.


When it comes to well construction, Volant is committed to enabling that emission reduction initiatives can be realized and are sustainable.  Our most visible contribution has been reducing the resources and rig time needed to successfully complete casing and liner running operations.

Volant CRTi® and CRTe® casing running tools are the safest, most versatile, effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly tools available on the market today.  By enabling circulation, rotation and reciprocation of the string during the tubular running process, opportunities exist to significantly reduce the risk of not getting pipe to bottom, resulting in more successful runs to TD in reduced overall rig time.  Because they are fully mechanical, the driller provides control through the top drive, with no additional personnel or auxiliary power being required.  Our tools are smaller, simpler, and lighter, which means only modest logistical resources are required for transportation to and from location.  The ease of rigging-in and removing tools from the rig floor significantly reduces the amount of rig idle time during those operations.


Over a typical 24-hour casing running job on land, a diesel power unit required to operate a hydraulic tong or hydraulic casing running tool would emit approximately 1.5 tonnes of CO2.  In comparison, since Volant casing running tools are fully mechanical and do not require auxiliary power, they contribute zero emissions incremental to normal rig operations.  Further carbon emission reductions can be recognized by way of using smaller and fewer vehicles to transport fewer people and less equipment to and from the rig location.

The benefits for offshore operations are even greater, where moving personnel and equipment to and from the drillship or platform take longer and are significantly more costly.  The savings begin to add up quickly when the opportunity exists to reduce the number of vessels and helicopters to transport to and from and reduce the space on the rig to accommodate fewer people and less equipment.


A properly constructed well includes barriers that are essential to reducing the risk of any unintentional release of hydrocarbons to surface.  A well-executed casing or liner installation must ensure that connections are made-up consistent with the pipe manufacturer’s specifications, and that neither the connections nor the pipe body have experienced overloading while being run in-hole. Once the string has been landed, achieving a high-quality cement job protects the casing in the well bore and prevents migration of gasses and fluids along the annulus between zones.

When used together, Volant’s full suite of casing running tools, downhole consumables, and digital solutions ensure adherence to best practices during connection make-up and casing running. Our equipment enables a quick and efficient transition to cementing operations with hardware designed to create a superior cement job, significantly reducing the risk these barriers being compromised over the service life of the well.