Inspection & Maintenance

We provide thorough inspection and maintenance for all our products to ensure they will perform as intended and expected. Damages resulting from equipment issues due to an insufficient service plan can result in downtime, costing you productivity, money and potentially, customer relationships.

Category 3 Inspection and Level 3 Maintenance   Recommended Annually

  • Level 3 Inspection of your tool as per the Volant Casing Running Tool Product Manual
  • Magnetic Particle or Ultrasonic testing by qualified Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspectors when required
  • A report detailing component assessment categorizing the condition of major components as either As New, Monitor Performance or Recommend Repair/Replace
  • In depth training on how to properly conduct Category 3 Inspections and Level 3 Maintenance is offered at client facilities

Primary Load Carrying (PLC) Proof Load Test   Recommended Every 5 years
(It is recommended a Category 3 Inspection is completed and passed prior to performing the load test)

  • Proof load testing to 1.5X rated load capacity of the Primary Load Carrying (PLC) components
  • Testing performed on Volant’s in-house custom-designed 5 million-pound load frame followed by necessary post-test NDT
  • All associated reports and certificates will be provided upon completion

Category 4 Inspection and Level 4 Maintenance   Recommended Every 5 years

  • Category 4 Inspection includes Category 3 Inspection combined with PLC Proof Load Test
  • All associated reports and certificates will be provided upon completion