The Volant Group of Companies1 (“Volant”) supports responsible electronic commercial commerce.

“Commercial Electronic Message (CEM)” means any electronic message sent by Volant about the business of Volant.

In accordance with Canada’s Anti Spam Law and regulations, Volant will not:

  • send CEMs to Canadian recipients without the consent of the recipient;
  • install computer programs on third party computers without the consent of the recipient;
  • alter transmission data;
  • use false or misleading information (including websites); or
  • send CEMs where the recipient has opted out, unsubscribed or otherwise objected.

Consents to receive CEMs (and associated personal information) will be kept confidential in accordance with Volant’s Privacy Policy. All requests to change or revoke consent to receive CEMs will be processed no later than 10 days after receipt.

To Unsubscribe or Change your Subscription to Commercial Electronic Messages

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By Phone: +1 780.784.7099
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1 Volant Group of Companies means each of Volant Products Inc., Volant Oil Tools Inc., Volant Oil Tools (US) Inc., and Noetic Engineering 2008 Inc