Let us work with you to deliver a centralizer placement solution tailored to your application.

Centralizer Solutions

Pipe centralizers can do more for your ERD well than just stand off pipe in the wellbore. Utilizing Volant’s Crimped Centralizer Solutions, our customers can land casing at target depth (TD) reliably and efficiently without compromising wellbore access or casing system integrity.

Recover Your Hookload

Unlike traditional floating centralizers, crimped centralizers provide a reliable mechanism for relieving friction when the available slack-off weight at surface is not enough to allow the pipe to run in hole. By fixing the centralizers directly to the casing string using proven crimping technology, a device widely used for casing standoff is turned into a powerful solution for managing axial friction when adverse downhole conditions arise. This solution is an excellent tool for improving the reliability of ERD casing running operations where rotation is considered a primary or contingency running measure.

Achieve Maximum Standoff

Reduce Run Times

Improve Torque & Drag


Our patented HydroFORM® crimped centralizers go beyond what a commodity floating centralizer can offer by rotating with the pipe, giving added durability to your string.

  • Optimize out-of-slip running times and performance.
  • Take full advantage of rotation to overcome downhole friction.
  • Reliable retention forces keep centralizers in place during string installation.
  • Convenient and easy installation process requiring zero setscrews.

Proper Placement

Volant provides applications engineering support for customers to optimize the centralizer configurations for casing and liner installations. Our team of expert engineers will work with you to select centralization schemes to meet your casing running and cementing objectives. Our placement programs are tailored for your application to ensure that the right centralizer is placed in the right position and attached the right way. To get started, click on the Centralizer Application Form button below.

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