Digital Solutions

Volant doesn’t just provide you with the tools to get your casing and liner to target depth (TD), we enable you to see your well every step of the way. Our evolving suite of digital solutions provides constant feedback in order to optimize well construction decisions and improve overall well integrity.

We optimize casing systems by focusing on efficiency and effectiveness. TRUE™ Analysis uses readily-available rig data to identify opportunities for efficiency gains in in-slip and out-of-slip tubular running operations. VolantRED™ is effectiveness-focused, and provides insight to the health of the tubular system as it is being run downhole and allows operators insight to running challenges as they are occurring. And when casing system damage or wellbore access issues occur during well construction or at any point in the life of the well, Wellbore Inspector™ leverages standard multi-finger caliper data and its industry-leading trajectory algorithms to provide an earth-centric view of the casing that allows you to see what’s really going on and informs your next operational decisions.