Our innovation methods enable us to contribute effectively across all stages of the well life cycle, from design to the decommissioning of assets and the critical links between. We set the stage for your success by identifying barriers, driving collaboration and developing workable strategies to establish and surpass achievable goals.

Using our integrated expertise in tubular running, consulting and technology development, we are able to deliver solutions for your application that maintain both well integrity and your bottom line.


Volant is committed to pushing the boundaries to expand the limits of tomorrow. By leveraging our experience, which draws on over a decade of hands-on commercial field activity and customer support in over 35 countries and on 6 continents, we are able to reveal complex challenges and provide context for solving them. Our deep knowledge of engineering principles allows us to get to the essence of the problem, understand the issues and develop novel strategies and solutions. 

If we haven’t faced your challenge before, we will partner with you to provide a solution that is tailored to the unique needs of your specific well, environment and business objectives.

Identify Challenges

Recognize Trends

Develop Solutions

Deliver Results


Driven by simplicity, our mission is to remove unnecessary complexity from both equipment and processes and bring heavy benefits to your onshore and offshore operations. We deliver faster, safer results at a fraction of the conventional cost by strategically combining decades of leading-edge technology with the right service and analytics. 


Our intimate knowledge of key technologies, equipment and control systems enables us to support operations across any location. Whether at the office, pipe yard or rig site, our capabilities expand to meet your needs.