Light Footprint™
Tubular Running Solutions

Our vision is to positively impact safety and efficiency through streamlining operations using our Light Footprint methodology: Simplifying and reducing the on-site presence of people and equipment, saving time, and removing people from harm’s way. By heavily focusing on social and environmentally responsible solutions, you can reduce carbon emissions while operating more efficiently.

Environmental Responsibility

We provide extensive experience in delivering consistent quality products and services to our customers,
while our lighter solutions bring heavy benefits to your onshore and offshore operations:

Consistent quality

Improved safety

Improved profitability

Reduced carbon footprint 

Doing More
with Less

Our fully mechanical casing running tools are at the core of this methodology, and when combined with proper training and complimentary products and services, the cost and complexity of surface operations and processes is drastically decreased.

  • Requiring smaller vehicles and fewer loads to transport equipment and personnel
  • Eliminating need for HPU, hydraulics and additional power generation
  • Minimizing casing crew sizes
  • Reducing logistics challenges for equipment and personnel
  • Eliminating unplanned NPT and equipment breakdown
  • Requiring less intensive maintenance and certifications
  • Safer work environment