lighter is heavier.


Volant’s Light Footprint™

Tubular Running Solutions.


You’re the guy who has to tell the CEO that you bought this.

To do what this could do.

The Reality.

The depth and duration of the oil price collapse has permanently changed our industry.

Only companies who find meaningful ways to achieve true efficiency-based cost reductions will survive and thrive upon recovery.

Equipment and service providers need to introduce well-designed strategies that align with the goals of the operating companies and the industry.

Well Construction Activities.

Well construction represents significant cost and presents material risk. Both safety of field personnel and security of the well, as an asset, are impacted by the process of installing tubulars in the wellbore.

Traditional casing running methods
are accompanied by:

  • Power Tongs
  • Full Capacity Casing Elevators
  • Fill/Circulation Tools
  • Numerous people to operate and handle all equipment
  • Logistics challenges for equipment and personnel
  • Extensive planned and unplanned NPT
    • Rig-in and rig-out times resulting from onerous procedures
    • Unplanned running challenges that require extra equipment to overcome
  • Intensive maintenance and certification requirements
  • Numerous opportunities for equipment to break down
  • A work environment full of safety hazards
  • Increasing costs with increasing well complexity


lighter is heavier.

Volant removes unnecessary
complexity from both equipment
and processes.

And our lighter solutions bring heavy benefits to your onshore and offshore operations:

  • Consistent high quality
  • Improved safety
  • Improved profitability
  • Reduced environmental footprint

Your savings are real. They’re based on efficiencies, not one-time, cost-cutting incentives, so you’ll realize savings every quarter.


Volant’s Light Footprint™

Tubular Running Solutions.

We’re turning conventional thinking on its head by delivering less of everything that gets in the way of more quality, safety and profitability.

Our process is as simple as our tools.

  • Get every player on the same page:
    operator, drilling contractor, service provider, and the original equipment manufacturer.
  • Build a plan for the right people and right tools.
  • Train effectively.
  • Deliver results.

 You do the math.

Less Equipment + Less Manpower + Simpler Operating Procedures


More Productive Time  > Improved Safety  > Greater profits

We start with tools that are field proven and globally accepted as the world’s most widely used casing running tool, offering enhanced safety, versatility, efficiency and effectiveness.

It’s the all-in-one tool with on-demand functionality.

What does the Volant casing running tool do?

Whatever you need:

  • Makeup
  • Breakout
  • Reciprocation
  • Rotation
  • Filling
  • Circulation
  • Push down
  • And cementing*

How are the Volant CRTi® and CRTe® tools different?

    • 100% Mechanical, controlled by the Driller via the Top Drive
    • Threads onto the quill of any top drive
    • NO external control panel, NO external HPU or connections
    • Engages casing through a torque-energized radially expanding die system
    • One Tool to Do it All: Capable of makeup, breakout, reciprocation, rotation, filling, circulation, push-down, and cementing
    • Ideal for casing & liner running and casing drilling
    • Intuitive operation makes it easy to use

*When cementing through the top drive is to be avoided, the Volant Cement Swivel introduces cement below the top drive and provides the option to rotate the casing string during cementing if desired.

The Benefits.

Using a Volant casing running tool challenges
traditional casing running methods and promotes
a positive fundamental change in tubular running
behaviours, resulting in numerous benefits.


Safety enhanced through
elimination of extra drilling and
service personnel from the rig floor.

Removes the need for extra
equipment on the rig floor.

Eliminates (inexperienced) third-
party personnel from working on the rig.

Mechanical interlock is failsafe and
protects against accidental and
unintentional release.

Fewer resources are needed to
transport equipment, which in turn
reduces the carbon footprint and
environmental impact.




Versatile all-in-one tool capable of makeup, breakout, reciprocation, rotation, filling, circulation, push-down, and cementing*.

Replaces conventional tools:

Fill and Circulation tools
Casing Elevators
Power Tongs
Hydraulic Power Unit(s)
Cement Head

Multiple casing diameters can be run with the same base tool.

Additional accessories are available to enhance function and capability.

Well suited for casing drilling offering high torque limits, high flow-rate, industry leading set down capacity, and unlimited RPM capability.

*When cementing through the top drive is to be avoided, the Volant Cement Swivel introduces cement below the top drive and provides the option to rotate the casing string during cementing if desired.




Efficient design is small,
lightweight, and robust with very few moving parts.

Easy to transport and store
with minimal requirements for maintenance and service.

Fully mechanical operation with no external control panel or HPU, eliminating the need for hydraulic or pneumatic connections.

Driller is in full control of the Volant tool.

Option to monitor and record
torque with a wireless torque sub.

Simple to operate and significantly reduces rig-in and rig-out time.

Existing bails, extensions and link tilts used for pipe handling on v-door rigs.




Reduces the risk of stuck pipe and improves run-ability by providing on-demand functions, including hoist, circulation, rotation, reciprocation, fill-up, and pushdown capabilities.

No need to rig-in auxiliary equipment.

Reduces scheduled and non-
scheduled non-productive time (NPT) during tubular running operations.

Allows you to fill pipe on the fly.

Self-energizing dies grip harder in both torsion and hoist, ensuring the tool grips only as hard as necessary.

Designed for maximum grip and minimal marking.

Intuitive operation makes tool easy to use.



Cost Savings

Reduced manpower and equipment expenses.

Competitive capital expenditure.

Modest service and maintenance effort resulting in low cost of ownership.

Positive impact on field operations.

Ultimately resulting in reduced well costs.




You’re the guy who gets to tell the CEO that you delivered great quality, faster and safer, at a fraction of the conventional cost.

Be that guy.

Ready to go lighter?

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