Last updated: 2023-01-27

The following Volant products and services are the subject of one or more of the patents and patent applications listed below. This webpage is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act and to provide notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a). The following list may not be all inclusive and other products and services may be the subject of one or more patents or patent applications in the United States and elsewhere.

Volant Group of Companies’ products and services are protected by patents. The products listed are manufactured by Volant under licence and the patents listed below are licensed by Volant.

Product Technology Patent Document Number
CRTi®& CRTe® Casing Running Tool Quad Cam AU 2009270414 B2
CA 2730562 C
CN 102099542 B
EP 2313600 B1
(CH, DE, DK, ES, FR, IS, GB, IT, NL, NO, PL, RO, SE, TR)
HK 1155788
IN 302881
MX 319711
RU 2467151 C2
US 8424939 B2
TAWG® Wedge Grip AU 2006243731 B2
CA 2606520 C
EP 1877644 B1
(CH, DE, DK, ES, FR, GB, IS, IT, NL, PO, RO, SE, TR)
MX 288740
NO 339833 B1
US 7909120 B2
US 8042626 B2
Extended Reach Slips AU 2009270397 B2
CA 2730568 C
CN 102089492 B
EP 2313601 B1
(CH, DE, DK, ES, FR, GB, IS, IT, NL, NO, PL, RO, SE, TR)
HK 1155787
IN 330735
MX 312768
RU 2503792 C2
US 8454066 B2
ActiveSET CA 3120487 C
CN 110832165 B
US 11299940 B2
US 11313183 B2
OCC Slips US 11167358 B2
Bumper Latch US 11332985 B2
vCAM™ US 11560761 B2
Bumper Grip AU 2013330183 B2
CA 2885883 C
EP 2906774 B1 (DE, DK, FR, GB, IT, NL, NO, RO)
HK 1212412
US 9869143 B2
US 10081989 B2
DTR® DeltaTORQ Torque Rings   AU 2008221164 B2
BR PI 0807873-4
CA 2677248 C
EP 2122115 B1
(DE, FR, GB, IT, NO)
HK 1135156
MX 309160
US 8439406 B2
RPC Crimping Tool   CA 2599261 C
US 7690237 B2
FST Floating Sub Tool    CA 2772895 C
US 8684851 B2
ACT Articulation Compensator Tool    CA 2512800 C
EP 1568847 B1
(DE, FR, GB, IT)
US 7165609 B2
WedgeSEAL seal   AU 2010258039 B2
CA 2764238 C
CN 102459968 B
EP 2440814 B1
(DE, DK, FR, GB, IT, NL, NO, RO)
HK 1169474
IN 365851
MX 326986
RU 2529984 C2
US 9243715 B2
MSVi & MSVe Mudsaver Valve   AU 2011229105 B2
AU 2015203633 B2
CA 2792805 C
CN 102971482 B
EP 2547857 B1
( DE, DK, FR, GB, IT, NL, NO, RO )
HK 1183081 B
US 9206660 B2
CMTi Inner String Cementing Tool   CA 2836765 C
EP 2718537 B1
(DE, DK, FR, GB, IT, NL, NO, RO)
US 9217310 B2
Torque Hold Sub   CA 3042095 C
US 10626673 B2
Plug Launcher   US 10787878 B2
AU 2017247017 B2
VariLINK Adjustable Bail Extensions   US 10982711 B2
CA 3092657 C
Paddle Valve Plug Launcher   US 11466534 B2
V-LOK Tool Joint Lock   Pending