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Beware of Imitations:

Volant values safety in the use of our patented CRTi® and CRTe® casing running tools and other equipment. Each Volant product is specifically designed with both safety and function in mind. As a reminder, only Volant manufactured or approved replacement parts and pull test fixturing should be used with Volant CRTs. Never accept or use unapproved or copied replacement parts or pull test fixturing as they may affect the safety and performance of the CRTs.  Specific dimensions, tolerances, material specifications, and surface treatments are chosen to work together to achieve the design intent and when these parts fail to meet Volant’s requirements, the risk of unintended consequences increases sharply. In the best case durability and reliability can suffer, and in the worst case, load security can be compromised resulting in unexpected release of heavy items suspended overhead resulting in serious injury and property damage. Volant’s overhead hoisting equipment is carefully engineered to comply with relevant API, DNV, and CE standards. Our business is ISO 9000 certified ensuring that we have, and follow, processes that consistently deliver excellence and reliability. If you have any concerns about parts authenticity for your Volant equipment and the recertification’s you receive for them, please reach out to Volant’s customer support engineers at support@volantproducts.ca to re-establish the confidence you need to deploy your equipment.


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