A one-step process that simplifies operations by eliminating the need to manage set down load while simultaneously rotating to the right.


    More consistency between drillers.

    More repeatable actions, performed more quickly.

    Minimizes driller training.


    A one-step procedure.

    Reduces cycle times.

    Simplifies setting mechanism process.

    Lowers in-slip time during casing running.


    Increases running speeds.

    Less equipment with fewer personnel.

    Reduces operating costs.

    Improves connection integrity.


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CRTi3-7.0 Specs

CRTi2-5.5 Specs


ActiveSET™ Casing Running Tool

Volant’s ActiveSET™ CRTi® casing running tool is fully mechanical and designed for casing running or drilling with top drive equipped rigs to make-up, breakout, reciprocate, rotate, fill, circulate and cement casing and liner strings, reducing non-productive time and associated costs. A simple rig-up and rig-down further increases operational efficiency. The ActiveSET enhances the standard CRTi by simplifying tool activation to a one-step process by eliminating the need to manage set-down load while simultaneously rotating to the right. The tool engages by stabbing into the casing joint, allowing casing make-up to immediately begin without any additional actions. Additionally, the vCAM™ provides the ActiveSET with a positional based latching function and enables disengagement of the tool by both the familiar operation of set down and rotate to the left and additionally by the operation of setting down directly into the latch from the breakout position.


  • One-step tool activation for increased running speeds.
  • Engages by stabbing into casing joint, allowing casing makeup to immediately begin.
  • Compact, mechanical design removes multiple people and equipment from the rig floor.
  • Incorporates multiple functions into a single service and single piece of equipment, reducing non-productive time.
  • Mechanical activation by top drive control using patented TAWG™ torque activated wedge grip, allowing this tool to be operated by the driller.
  • Ability to rotate and reciprocate casing and liner strings reduces downhole friction.
  • Self-energized in torsion as well as hoisting to prevent slippage in either application.
Tool ModelGripRated Load CapacityCasing Sizes
Max HoistMax. Torque
CRTi2-5.5internal20018125,00033,8005.5 to 13.38139.7 to 339.7
CRTi2-5.5HC225internal22520425,00033,8005.5 to 13.38139.7 to 339.7
CRTi3-7.0internal32029050,00067,7007.0 to 20.0177.8 to 508.0
CRTi3-7.0HF238internal23821539,00052,8007.0 to 20.0177.8 to 508.0
CRTi3-7.0HC350internal35031750,00067,7007.0 to 20.0177.8 to 508.0
CRTe-1.0GM5.5*external50045340,00054,2003.5 to 5.588.9 to 139.7
CRTe-1.0GM7.75*external50045340,00054,2003.5 to 7.7588.9 to 196.9

*ActiveSET CRTe® coming soon.