HydroFORM® Centralizers

Volant’s rigid-steel centralizers provide positive standoff, mitigate buckling and facilitate rotation using crimp-on technology to overcome friction and other running challenges. This leads to improved run-ability of your casing string by saving time on the run. The sturdy, helical ribs provide positive stand-off and flow areas for solids removal, improved mud flow and a high-quality cement job. Combining our durable centralizers with an optimized placement strategy provides the best opportunity to quickly and efficiently reach target depth without sacrificing the long-term integrity of your well.

Our patented and proprietary hydroforming technology allows precision forming into a variety of custom shapes and profiles for drilling, reaming and completing critically-challenging, high-profile wells. Full control over HydroFORM® process to design and manufacture custom centralizers for special or unique applications.

  • One-piece, uni-body construction reduces the risk of sticking or unexpected hang-ups and there are no components to break or fail downhole.
  • Robust durable steel design ensures centralizer stays intact under the most extreme running conditions.
  • Smooth geometry improves running efficiencies through reduced torque and drag.
  • Smooth ribbed body allows for improved hydraulic flow for fluids and solids removal.
  • Helical rib design provides maximum standoff, helping to bridge possible key seating which can occur during drilling or rotating operations.
  • Helical rib design offers rotational flow in the annulus to improve mud removal and cement placement for a more uniform cement distribution and bond.
  • Straight rib design available for low clearance or tight hole applications to still provide optimal standoff.
  • Ability to hard-face centralizers for increased wear resistance where required.
Attachment Method and Liner/Casing Sizes
Floating – Standard Floating – SlimLINE® Fixed (Crimp or Set Screw)
3.5 – 13.63 in
88.9 – 346.2 mm
4.5 – 5.5 in
114.3 – 139.7 mm
4.5 – 13.63 in
114.3 – 346.2 mm
Deviated/Long/Extended Reach Wells Yes Yes Yes1
Casing or Liner Drilling Yes1 No Yes
Window Exiting, Sidetrack or Multi-Lateral Wells Yes Yes Yes
Flush Joint Casing* Yes2 Yes2 Yes
Semi-Flush Connection Casing* Yes2 Yes2 Yes

*There are several cases where the use of centralizers and set screw stop collars applied to flush or semi-flush joint casings has led to the centralizers and the stop collars piling up over the length of the string. Crimping on of stop collars for a non-rotating application or crimping on of the centralizer itself for a rotating application can mitigate this issue.

1. Application specific
2. For use with stop collars only

  • Applications Engineering support to optimize placement of centralizer to improve run-ability.
  • Floating centralizers move freely, axially and rotationally on casing, allowing them to overcome irregularities in the wellbore during run-in.
  • Crimped centralizers rotate with casing to give added durability to your string.
  • Hardfaced centralizers provide extra wear resistance to get through tougher formations.