Torque Rings

Volant’s DTR® and Multi-Lobe torque rings have been engineered to provide additional torque capacity for casing and tubing connections for the upstream market. They are designed to fit standard API casing and tubing connections, providing a cost-effective, enhanced connection solution with a short-lead time.

To ensure each connection of a casing or tubing string is made-up to API position specification, Volant offers four ring lengths—green, red, blue and yellow. A Volant selector gauge is required to determine correct ring size and to confirm the coupling make up position relative to API standards. Improperly installed couplings will be identified during the selection of the torque ring, thereby, eliminating any potential issues occurring during the run or after the string is in service. The selected torque ring is then installed using the Volant installation tool.


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Significantly boosts torque capacity of API connections (LTC, Buttress, EUE, NUE and STC).

Increases tubing life by providing a torque shoulder that prevents overpenetration in tubing connections.

Utilizes the J-Section of the connection to enhance flow by providing a smooth transition from pipe-to-pipe, thereby eliminating washout.


Reduces the likelihood of connection back-offs by utilizing PC Pumps and eliminating the need for tubing anchors in tubing applications.

Increases compressive strength of connections.

Installation is available at the pipe mill, pipe yard or rig site for increased operational convenience.


API ConnectionPipe Sizes
External Upset End (EUE)2.88 – 4.5 in
73.15 – 114.3 mm
2.38 – 4.5 in
60.45 – 114.3 mm
Non Upset End (NUE)On Request*On Request*
USS Buttress4.5 in
114.3 mm
4.5 in
114.3 mm
Buttress Threaded and Coupled (BTC)4.5 – 13.38 in
114.3 – 339.7 mm
4.5 in  – 20.0 in
114.3 – 508.0 mm
Long Threaded and Coupled (LTC)4.5 – 9.63 in
114.3 – 244.6 mm
4.5 – 9.63 in
114.3 – 244.6 mm
Short Threaded and Coupled (STC)On Request*On Request*

*Some ranges cannot be covered, please contact Volant for full details