Chrome Handling Equipment

The low-marking package for the Volant CRTi® and CRTe® casing running tools virtually eliminate die marking on corrosion resistant tubulars to ensure long-term integrity of completions in extreme environments. The key is a contamination free, evenly distributed grip that leaves predictable markings at a fraction of API 5CRA and industry standards. The Volant chrome kit is made with materials that are corrosion resistant and remove the threat of contamination from adjacent components that could come into contact with CRA tubulars during normal operation. Volant’s system is compatible with materials up to a chrome content of 25% (API 5CRA groups 1 and 2).


*For a proven case study, check out SPE paper 202162.

Distribute load evenly across the entire die/casing interaction face ensuring there are no loading hot spots.

Consistent die marks can be predicted and controlled in different loading scenarios.

Easily installed to crossover from conventional to CRA handling when running mixed strings.

TAWG® torque activated wedge grip increases the radial gripping load with applied hoist and torque in both directions to ensure reliable, slip free grip.

ACT™ Articulating Compensator Tool

Manages rig alignment issues, and provides compensation over the full range of casing sizes and weights.

FCT™ Floating Cushion Tool

Supplies a portion of passively damped axial travel at the beginning of its stroke and cushion through its remaining travel in the set down direction during connection make-up and casing running tool engagement.

FST™ Floating Sub Tool

Helps prevent damage caused by jarring or sudden loading to casing or drilling equipment during day-to-day operations.