CRTe® External Grip Casing Running Tool

Volant’s CRTe® casing running tools are fully mechanical and designed for casing running or drilling on top drive equipped rigs to makeup, breakout, reciprocate, rotate, fill, circulate and cement casing and liner string. Ideal for applications that require large hoisting loads and torsional capacity, the CRTe dies compress radially and engage the outside surface of the casing below the coupling, allowing it to then be hoisted, rotated and circulated using the top drive. From rig up to rig down and every step along the way, the CRTe reduces non-productive time and elevates your bottom line. Its patented architecture allows control to be in the hands of the driller for further improved safety and enhanced efficiency. As the most widely used top drive casing running tool in the world, our technology is proven where the figures add up—in the real world of field operations.

  • Bumper Latch enhances safety and reliability by employing a redundant latch system, ensuring that the CRTe tool cannot engage until the Bumper is compressed against the casing interface.
  • Compact, mechanical design removes multiple people and equipment from the rig floor.
  • Incorporates multiple functions into a single service and single piece of equipment, reducing non-productive time.
  • Mechanical activation by top drive control using TAWG® torque activated wedge grip technology allows this tool to be operated by the driller.
  • Ability to rotate and reciprocate, fill and circulate casing and liner strings reduces downhole friction.
  • Self-energized in torsion as well as hoisting to prevent slippage in either application.
  • External dies are designed to maximize the contact with the outside of the casing ensuring no slippage or distortion of the casing or liner.
Tool Model Grip Activation Method Rated Load Capacity Casing Sizes
Max Hoist Max. Torque
ton tonne N.m in. mm
CRTe-1.0GM5.5 External Standard or ActiveSET 500 453 40,000 54,200 3.5 to 5.5 88.9 to 139.7
CRTe-1.0GM7.75 External Standard or ActiveSET 500 453 40,000 54,200 3.5 to 7.75 88.9 to 196.9
CRTi2-4.5 Internal Standard 120 108 13,000 17,600 4.5 to 5.5 114.3 to 139.7
CRTi2-4.5HW Internal Standard 140 127 13,000 17,600 4.5 114.3
CRTi2-5.5HC225 Internal Standard or ActiveSET 225 204 25,000 33,800 5.5 to 13.38 139.7 to 339.7
CRTi3-7.0HF260 Internal Standard or ActiveSET 260 235 44,000 59,600 6.63 to 20.0 168.4 to 508.0
CRTi3-7.0HC350 Internal Standard or ActiveSET 350 317 50,000 67,700 6.63 to 20.0 168.4 to 508.0
CRTi4-7.0HF340 Internal Standard or ActiveSET 340 308 50,000 67,700 6.63 to 20.0 168.4 to 508.0
CRTi4-7.0HC475 Internal Standard or ActiveSET 475 430 50,000 67,700 6.63 to 20.0 168.4 to 508.0
CRTi2-8.63HC7501 Internal Standard or ActiveSET 750 680 85,0001 115,200 8.63 to 30.0 219.1 to 762.0
CRTi1-10.75 Internal Standard 1,250 1,133 125,000 169,400 10.75 to 38.0 273.0 to 965.2

1Higher torque up to 100,000 is possible. Contact Volant for details

Low-marking Package

  • Low-marking Chrome Handling package for CRTe® tool virtually eliminates die marking on corrosion resistant tubulars.

Mudsaver Valve

  • Installed between the casing running tool and casing seal, the Mudsaver Valve is designed to entirely stop fluid flow after fluid circulating or casing running operations.

ActiveSET™ Release

  • Mechanical release of latching mechanism through set-down load for faster connection makeup.

V-LOK™ Tool Joint Lock

  • Drop prevention device that is secured over the tool joint connection and helps to prevent it from breaking loose during drilling and casing running operations.

Tether Swivel Accessory

  • Allows the user to secure the casing running tool to the top drive via cables with the provided in-line single use Volant energy absorbers.