Cement Swivel Tool

Where pumping cement through the top drive is to be avoided, the Volant Cement Swivel provides a means to introduce cement below the top drive and provides the option to rotate the casing string during cementing if desired. The Volant Cement Swivel allows cement to be pumped in through a side-entry port and offers a 10,000 psi pressure rating. With no welded joints and a robust seal design, the Cement Swivel offers a long wear life and reduced maintenance requirements due in part to its self-cleaning internal geometry.

  • Compatible with both Volant’s CRTi® and CRTe® casing running tools and Plug Launcher for increased cementing efficiency.
  • Circumvents need to pump cement through top drive eliminating risk of cement setting in the top drive components.
  • Rotation and reciprocation of casing string improves integrity of cement job.
  • Robust seal design offers a long wear life and reduced maintenance requirement.
Pressure Limit1 psi (MPa) 10,000 (68.9)
Apparent Diameter in. (mm) 23.7 (605)
Working Length in. (mm) 43 (1,093)
Total Weight lb. (kg) 1,301 (592)
Max. Flow Rate US gpm (m3/min.) 634 (2.40)
Max. Rotational Speed2 RPM 70
Cement Inlets (Qty. 1) Type 2in. 1502
Bore Diameter in. (mm) 2.08 (52.8)
Max. Tool Temperature ˚F (˚C) 194 (90)
Min. Tool Temperature ˚F (˚C) -40 (-40)

1. Rated Hoist Capacity and Pressure Limit are based on API Specification 8C.

2. For Pressure-Rotational Speed operating envelope see Figure 1 on specification document 107019