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Plug Launcher

A quality cement job is vital to ensuring uninterrupted zonal isolation and long term well integrity. The Volant Paddle Valve Plug Launcher enables the worry-free release of plugs through a remote pneumatic release system. The Plug Launcher directs cement into the annular space between the main body and cage, where plugs are housed. When plugs are ready to be launched, the paddles are pneumatically opened, redirecting cement to the top of the plug, forcing the plug out for a positive launch. With an integrated interlock, plugs are released in the correct sequence. Designed without protruding parts, the Plug Launcher improves safety on the rig floor during rotation and reciprocation.

  • Using self-locking mechanism paddles keep the plugs in place until they are ready to be launched
  • Paddles uniformly release, enabling a positive launch
  • Plug are remotely launched allowing for a continued flow rate
  • Interlock ensures plugs are released in correct sequence
  • Plug launch indicator activates with each plug, then remotely resets
  • No protruding parts improves safety on rig floor and allows for a uniform swing radius
  • Quick interchange of top and bottom adapters on-site to suit specific rig requirements
  • Compatible with Volant’s CRTi® and CRTe® casing running tools and Cement Swivel Tool for increased cementing efficiency