RTF™ Radial Tubular Forming Tool – Crimping

Volant RTF tools are designed for crimping operations, using a hydraulically actuated piston and collet system to induce a radial compressive load that reduces the diameter of tubular products. This process creates a secure crimp that provides interference fit, with the radial grip of the centralizer on the casing ensuring axial force and torque retention strength. A few inches of crimped length deliver sufficient torque and sliding resistance for most downhole applications, making it highly efficient and reliable.

  • Hydraulically actuated piston and collet system provides a reliable radial compressive load to reduce the diameter of tubular products, ensuring a secure crimp.
  • Fine adjustment mechanism enables precise control of the final crimp diameter.
  • Hydraulically driven collets are specifically designed to crimp accessories onto casing, creating a robust interference fit.
  • Size-specific collets plastically form the accessory onto the casing for a secure connection, essential for applications requiring string rotation such as Casing while Drilling (CwD), reaming jobs, and casing running scenarios.
  • Only a few inches of crimped length are required to provide sufficient torque and sliding resistance, enhancing efficiency and reliability in downhole applications.
  • Crimping ensures the reliable attachment of casing accessories like centralizers, stop collars, and wear bands.
  • The crimped connection’s torque and load capacity result from the friction coefficient and grip force of the interference fit, ensuring high performance and reliability.
  • Casing Bore Gauge allows the crimp application to apply only as much force as needed.
Tool Model RTF-7.0 RTF-9.63 RTF-13.38
Base Tool Characteristics

2.38” – 7” Crimp

7.63” Swage

2.38” – 10.75” Crimp

10.75” Swage

2.38” – 13.63” Crimp

13.63” Swage

Diametrical Stroke in (mm) 0.375 (9.55) 0.375 (9.55) 0.414 (10.55)
Max. Radial Force1 lbf (kN) 1,900,000 (8,400) 2,500,000 (11,100) 1,400,000 (6,200)
Piston Bore Diameter in (mm) 8.0 (205) 11.0 (280) 13.8 (355)
Max. Pressure Capacity psi (MPa) 10,000 (68.9) 10,000 (68.9) 5,000 (34.4)

1. For details on radial force requirements for crimping or swaging, contact Volant Customer Support at +1 780.784.7098