TRUE™ Analysis

Volant’s TRUE™ Tubular Running Efficiency Analysis accurately analyzes key performance indicators (KPIs) for casing running. The KPI program breaks the casing running cycle into segments and reports the distribution of time used during each cycle, thus eliminating uncertainty regarding the characterization of rig time utilization. Opportunities for improving in-slip efficiency are highlighted to provide an effective training tool for future runs.

A detailed comprehensive report is generated through an advanced algorithm application to help eliminate invisible lost time (ILT) and improve operational efficiency.

Download an example of the TRUE Analysis report.

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    • Uses readily available rig EDR (electronic drilling recorder) data to analyze in-slip casing running efficiencies.
    • Generates comprehensive KPI reports that describe where time is being spent.
    • Helps drilling teams identify areas where in-slip efficiency can be gained.
    • Eliminates uncertainty regarding the characterization of rig time utilization.
    • Helps operators improve the speed and accuracy of decision making and enhance operational efficiency.
    • Eliminate ILT.