VolantRED™ Real-time Tubular Monitoring

VolantRED™ helps your team make informed well construction decisions at anytime, anywhere—with real-time tubular running load limits straight from your rig to your fingertips. This real-time system brings engineering knowledge into the field to optimize your well construction decisions. VolantRED continuously and immediately acquires and analyzes data from the rig to provide safe surface hook load and torque load limits as you run your tubulars—delivering an engineering basis for decisions when they matter most.

  • Combines pre-defined tubular load limits with well-founded estimates of downhole loads to generate real-time, safe surface loading envelopes.
  • Improves confidence that your tubular running decisions are based on emerging downhole conditions.
  • Records your well construction loads at surface and downhole, allowing you to confirm the quality of your installation and optimize your liner design for future projects.