Wellbore Inspector® Casing Deformation Interpretation

Wellbore Inspector® software helps identify and interpret casing deformations to make better-informed intervention, integrity and well design decisions. Its advanced algorithms transform multi-finger caliper logs into accurate 3D representations of your wells. Casing conditions can be correctly placed in the global context using the log’s integrated survey data.

  • Companion resources provide guidance on optimal logging tool string configurations.
  • User-friendly interface enables multi-finger caliper data to be processed quickly.
  • Advanced processing algorithms help assess data quality and reliability.
  • Interactive data visualization draws attention to important casing features and deformations.
  • Wellbore survey integration ensures deformations are viewed in the global context.
  • Advanced clearance and drift calculations determine well accessibility for interventions.
  • Wall thickness estimates and bending and shear calculations help you to understand casing condition.