HydroFORM® Centralizers


Integrity. Precision.

Volant’s proprietary hydroforming technology utilizes high pressure water to precision-form tubular steel into a variety of customizable shapes and profiles. The end result is a high-quality, high-strength, uni-body product designed to be tough. Tough enough to meet the challenges of today’s extended reach wells.

But muscle doesn’t cut it without brains. Combining the right centralizer and placement strategy can significantly improve run efficiency, shortening run times and unlocking significant cost savings. Volant combines its robust centralizer product with torque and drag analysis, stand-off modelling, and a deep understanding of casing string mechanics to develop centralization solutions that improve run-ability.


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HydroFORM® Centralizers

Radial Tubular Forming Tool

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Case Studies

Efficiency of Strategic Centralizer Placement – Bakken Region

Friction Reduction in Open Hole Packer Completions

Stabilization for Steerable Drilling Liners in Alaska

Specification Summaries

0Radial Piston Crimping

RTF-7.0 Radial Tubular Forming Tool

RTF-9.63 Radial Tubular Forming Tool

RTF-13.38 Radial Tubular Forming Tool