Volant’s subsidiary, Noetic Engineering*, helps achieve lifelong casing system integrity in challenging wells. Our expert team applies deep engineering expertise to upstream oil and gas applications. We are widely known for engineering insights that overcome even the largest threats to predictable and reliable well design, construction, operation and abandonment.

Our Team

Noetic® is a hard-working team of curious and creative hands-on engineering professionals who are energized by challenges. We think ‘out of the box’ and push the frontiers of what is possible by leveraging our industry leading experience and knowledge. We are reliable, socially responsible and committed to contributing innovative thinking and technology that solve energy industry problems.

Dan Dall’Acqua General Manager
Trent Kaiser Principal Consultant

Dan Dall’Acqua MSc, PEng

General Manager

Dan Dall’Acqua is Noetic’s General Manager. He works at a strategic level, ensuring integration with the Volant Group of Companies and actively engaging industry. Dan’s mechanical systems perspective combined with his technical experience applying nonlinear continuum mechanics behaviour allows him to put industry challenges into context and rapidly formulate investigative paths and long-term technology development strategies.


Trent Kaiser PhD, PEng

Principal Consultant

Dr. Trent Kaiser is a founding Principal of Noetic Engineering and a key technical visionary that enables continuous growth opportunity for Noetic’s team of professionals and its clients. He provides foundational technical input for a broad range of Noetic’s consulting work. His career focus is on developing parametric characterizations of complex mechanics and processes to provide foundations for optimization and design bases that can be widely employed by industry.

What Does Noetic® Offer

We are always listening, learning and looking for the next opportunity to optimize casing system integrity by combining fundamental engineering principles with field realities for the lifecycle of a well. Our capabilities complement Volant’s well construction solutions and, in some cases, lead to game-changing process development and technology for which we are a key contributor in their design, development, maintenance and testing.

We offer engineering consulting services to a variety of clients around the world; including well operators, suppliers and service companies. You can also benefit from our deep knowledge deployed throughout Volant’s readily available software and hardware solutions and services.

Our Capabilities

Noetic has an extensive breadth and depth of experience in subsurface engineering for the oil and gas industry, and is primarily focused on the performance of tubular systems and related equipment through the lifecycle of a well. This perspective allows us to support operator drilling, completions, production and workover teams and their service providers with key design and operational decisions that promote tubular system and well integrity. Our vast awareness of the state of tubular technology enables us to tackle new and challenging problems when novel engineering solutions are required.

Tubulars Engineering

With deep roots in engineering fundamentals, Noetic maintains a large suite of highly customizable numerical models, a state-of-the-art facility for materials mechanical characterization and a flexible experimental services laboratory. We use these tools to characterize the limits of, and support selection and optimization of, pipe-connection systems for a wide range of subsurface oil and gas applications. From conventional applications to the most severe well environments, we support our clients with:

  • Mechanical engineering evaluations that ensure candidate tubular configurations, connections and materials align with application demands
  • Definition of tubulars design requirements for applications where standardized methods do not provide sufficient confidence
  • Product assessments that align the right product with target well application, either using established evaluation protocols or customized evaluation methodologies
  • Detailed field evidence reviews to understand the state and capacity of the tubular system for future operations
  • Fundamental tubular systems research to close key industry technology gaps

Casing Running Optimization

Noetic knows that constructing a well isn’t always as simple as running pipe. Construction practices must ensure casing and completion systems are run efficiently and damage-free. We can help you:

  • Define surface and subsurface tubular and connection running limits, which can be especially important for sensitive tubular structures such as production liners and premium connections.
  • Simulate, monitor and optimize extended reach running operations by integrating torque-and-drag predictions with serviceability limits before, during and after pipe is run.
  • Conduct post-run assessments after challenging runs to validate tubular health and fitness for subsequent service.

Well Deformation Interpretation

When unforeseen events occur, a well-conditioned action plan founded on good interpretation of downhole measurements can make the difference. Noetic’s expertise in pipe deformation mechanics and suite of software tools means we can provide your team with:

  • Processing casing integrity log data
  • Accessibility assessment and interventions string configuration recommendations
  • Interpretation of well deformations that point to root cause
  • Failure investigation support


Wellbore Inspector™ Casing
Deformation Assessment

Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Have a problem that doesn’t fit nicely into a conventional solution? We can help with that! We offer:

  • 20+ years average mechanical engineering experience among senior team
  • Non-linear thermo-mechanical finite element analysis
  • Wellbore hydraulics and heat transfer modelling
  • Specialized material mechanical testing
  • Smart experimental evaluations of systems and components

Calibration of combined load limit
basis for slotted liner with full-scale
multi-axial physical testing

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Our Record of Achievements

Since 1998, we’ve consistently delivered game-changing solutions that operators put to use in both conventional and severe-service applications.



Noetic committed to gaining the full potential of top drive technologies, resulting in Volant’s casing running tools.



Noetic constructed its world-class material mechanical testing laboratory, initially to provide rate- and temperature-dependent material properties that could serve as the foundation for more rigorous thermal casing and liner system designs. This capability continues to evolve for applications where advanced material information is required to support tubular design bases, and where high degrees of experimental control are mandatory.



Noetic recognized the gap between premium casing connection requirements for thermal CSS and SAGD applications and existing qualification techniques. In 2010 we released a new protocol for thermal casing connection evaluation, which subsequently became an ISO Publically Available Specification, ISO PAS 12835.



Noetic initiated and provided project management, technical execution, and delivery of testing protocol for evaluating thermal connection performance (TWCCEP) to 11 major operators and connection suppliers. This Multi-Client Project (MCP) focused on investigation of sour-service material performance in thermal applications, where H2S exposure and cyclic plastic strain can act synergistically to reduce structural performance. We have continued to advance the state of technology through multiple project stages and custom material evaluations.



Noetic recognized drilling teams’ need for greater real-time intelligence on their casing running operations. By 2017, we developed Volant’s first software package, VolantRED™, which delivers real-time indications of tubular running performance in the context of tubular health.



Noetic commercialized its Wellbore Inspector™ software, which enables visualization of data obtained from advanced borehole imaging technologies. Through this software and associated engineering consulting services, we continue to enable operators to derive the best possible course of action when casing system deformations or damage occur, or where access issues are expected during well interventions.


These are just a sample of the solutions being used by our clients and industry. Whatever the application, our record remains consistent. We’re the team who can see past the engineering challenges to illuminate operators’ opportunities and industry solutions.

*Noetic Engineering is not covered under the scope of Volant Products Inc. ISO registration.


    Publicly Available Report (PAR)
    TWCCEP FEA Benchmarking Tool

    This PAR contains guidelines for validating (benchmarking) finite-element analysis (FEA) conducted according to ISO 12835
    Qualification of casing connections for thermal wells (also referenced as Thermal Well Casing Connection Evaluation Protocol, or TWCCEP).
    Please register to receive the PAR and all subsequent PAR revisions.