If your tool requires substantial repair and service in order to get it to acceptable operational condition, Volant will recommend a refurbishment plan that will return your tool to “like new” condition. This will enable you to extend the life of your asset, maximize the return on your investment and continue to deploy your tool with confidence.

Consistently achieving top tier equipment reliability requires a solid plan and disciplined execution. The best way to ensure your tools will perform as expected is to have them properly serviced in accordance to the recommended intervals specified in the Volant Product Manuals.


Our dedicated engineering experts are continuously identifying and implementing enhancements and upgrades to ensure our products perform to the best of their ability. Augmented design features, additional specifications and tool functions allow us to further improve safety, productivity and efficiency.

Performance Improvements

  • Improves running speeds
  • Reduces CRTi makeup rotations
  • Increases hoist capacity
  • Decreases engagement and release time
  • Reduces disengagement breakout torque
  • Enhances casing running operations

Safety Enhancements

  • Reduces high-torque release incidents
  • Eliminates unintentional tool joint back-off
  • Mitigates operational interruption
  • Reduces dropped tool occurrences
  • Increases operator confidence