Tubular Running Efficiency Analysis

Interpreting data accurately to maximize the well delivery value and promote long-term tubular integrity.

Volant’s Tubular Running Efficiency Analysis, or TRUE™, service uses readily-available rig electronic drilling recorder (EDR) data to accurately analyze in-slip casing running efficiencies and key performance indicators (KPI). The KPI program breaks the casing running data into segments and reports the distribution of time used during each cycle, thus eliminating uncertainty regarding the characterization of rig time utilization. Opportunities for improving in-slip efficiency are highlighted to provide an effective training tool for future runs.

Volant delivers a visually comprehensive report illustrating post-run analysis and data trends, highlighting inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. Whether using traditional casing installation services or advanced casing running tools, this analysis will help eliminate invisible lost time (ILT) and guide future run goals and operational action plans.

Uncover your true casing running efficiency.